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101 job winning tips by Joel Quass, CEIP, CPRW, GCDF

As a job applicant, you only see one side of the desk. You are the person who must come up with the answers to the questions the hiring decision maker asks. And if you haven’t been in the job market for a while, that can be an uncomfortable seat.

On top of that, most people haven’t spent years learning the hiring process or studying resume writing or any of the steps necessary to land a new job. This makes it hard to prepare and leaves many people nervous about interviewing.

As a manager with over 35 years of experience, I have conducted 1,000’s of interviews. I have read over 5,000 resumes and applications. So, I know what hiring decision makers are looking for.

Using what I learned by sitting on the other side of the desk, I recognize things that people don’t think of. Like how they presented themselves, did they ask me questions, did they do their homework about the company? Things that will make them memorable if they know what to say.

These tips are the little things that, together, can accelerate your job search. They are not hard and do not require money or hours of study. You just need to review them and apply them to your situation.

As you add these tips to your action plan, you will see results. This is because most job candidates are not doing most of the things I am telling you or they only follow a few.

I encourage you to take advantage of my experience and shorten your job search while building your confidence in yourself and your personal action plan.

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  • James Malinchak, Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show “Secret Millionaire” and Founder,
    “Joel Quass focuses on how to package transferable skills in a way that shows value to a potential employer. He demonstrates the strategy needed to go from unemployed to ‘you’re hired.’”
    James Malinchak, Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show “Secret Millionaire” and Founder,
  • Lily Schreyer
    I got a job! WB Moore company, the electrical contractor. Thanks for your help!!
    Lily Schreyer
  • Paul F. Caskey
    Hi Joel: I thought you might like to see some feedback about the resume that you helped me with. These are comments from a colleague who runs her own marketing firm. "This is one of the best resumes I have seen for someone in our age group – it really is very actionable, quantifiable, short. sweet, gives a great sense of who you are and provides personality thru the testimonials integrated in it (I have never seen that done before, it’s brilliant!)." Thanks, Paul
    Paul F. Caskey
  • Kurt Ferdinand
    “Thank you, Joel, for your help with my job search. In particular, I found the 101 Job Winning Tips useful in helping to plan my interview strategies. I also used the “What is your value message” to better present my career goals and how the job would help me to achieve my goals. Finally, I would recommend Joel Quass’ job coaching service to anyone who is looking for work. Thanks again, Joel, for your help in landing me my new job.”
    Kurt Ferdinand
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